Symbolic Elements add to your Bespoke Ceremony with Celebrant Anna-Louise Haigh in Yorkshire

For a truly bespoke ceremony I can create your bespoke ceremony with a special symbolic element. From the simple to the sacred or sensational, including a symbolic element adds to your ceremony and the memories you will treasure forever.

As a professional celebrant, I offer you the freedom and opportunity to create a memorable and unique ceremony which marks the start of your new life together. Creating a symbolically enhanced ceremony is a particular specialism I offer. Visit my Gallery for some great photos of recent ceremonies.

What is a Symbolic Element?

A Symbolic element is the ADDITION of a special part of your bespoke wedding ceremony which creates a visual focus that represents the joining of you and your partner and the transition into wedded life.

Why have a symbolic element?

Many couples choose to add to their ceremony a symbolic aspect which demonstrates their love for each other and their strength as a couple.

What kind of symbolic elements could be included in your ceremony?

The ways in which this can be done are limitless and I am happy to create a special symbolic ceremony based on your ideas that represents you as a couple. There are many ways to symbolise your union. During our initial meeting we can discuss your thoughts about including a symbolic element: here are some suggestions: 

Handfastings - are a speciality of mine and as such I have created a separate page detailing the subject. Please click here for further information on this popular ceremonial service.

Jumping the broom - a tradition that goes back to the 1600’s and Afro American Slavery. Slaves were not permitted to marry so they jumped over a broom as a way of ceremonially uniting. Today it represents great joy. It is still a part of Afro American weddings and also Pagan ceremonies. As the couple jump over the broom they physically and spiritually cross the threshold into matrimony.

Jumping the broom signifies the beginning of making a home together. It symbolises the sweeping away of the old and the welcoming of the new, the sweeping away of negative energy, making way for all things that are good to coming their lives. It is also a call of support for the marriage from the entire community of family and friends.
Jumping over the broom follows the vows. After jumping the broom, the couple kiss to seal their marriage. 
I have a suitable broom which can be decorated in the colours or flowers of your choice to use for this type of ceremony or you may wish to create your own.

Rose Giving - this is a simple yet profoundly moving symbolic ceremony. Roses are the symbol of love, the giving of a single long stemmed rose is a clear and unmistakable way of saying the words, ‘I love you’. For this reason, it is fitting that the first gift a couple would exchange, as husband and wife, be the gift of a single rose. The giving of the rose comes after the exchange of rings and before the first kiss.

‘Light of Love’ Candle Lighting - the ‘Unity Candle’ is one of the most common rituals done at weddings. It begins two slim candles which are lit before the ceremony begins. At the appropriate moment the bride and groom each takes a slim candle each and lights a one larger centre candle called a ‘unity’ candle. It is aptly named because it symbolises the unity of the couple; merging their two lives together. I can source personalised candles to meet your requirements that make a special keepsake for anniversaries in the years ahead. This symbolic keepsake is available at a reasonable price and can be personalised for you. I offer the use of a large storm lantern for outdoor weddings.

‘Cup of Life’ - throughout history, in nearly all cultures and traditions, the sharing of a cup of either wine or another liquid has been used as a universal and central moment of sharing. The Cup of Life ceremony includes the sharing of a glass of wine (or any other beverage you wish) between the bride and groom at the end of the ring exchange.

For many it symbolises the celebration of the harvest and the changing of seasons of life. So it is fitting that the couple take their first drink together as husband and wife, to not only celebrate all that has taken place in their lives to this point, by as an expression of hope and faith in the harvest of their lives and the commitment they make to one another.

A different way of having a Cup of Life symbolic element is for the bride and groom to each have a glass of wine and using the arm which is holding the glass, they link arms as a symbol of their union before taking the first sip as a married couple.

I can provide special gold plated goblets for the wine ceremony if you like. Please note that these are for use during the ceremony only. Special ceremonial goblets can be sourced and used during your ceremony to act as keepsakes if you wish.

And finally…

Above all, my role is to help make your wedding ceremony a memorable and very special starting point for your life together. I am very flexible and accommodating of your individual wishes. It is an honour to facilitate your ceremony and I look forward to discussing this with you in the near future.

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Please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas. I look forward to creating a bespoke ceremony to celebrate you and your union.