Handfasting Ceremonies in Yorkshire with Celebrant Anna-Louise Haigh

Handfastings are a speciality of mine which adds a unique element to your ceremony and gives you a lasting keepsake created just for you.

With words crafted to honour the bond you have and are strengthening through your ceremony, the ceremonial handfasting element I offer includes a handmade felt handfasting binding in the style and colours to reflect your theme or preference.

Traditionally a handfasting was a way of making a promise to love and honour your partner for ‘as long as the love shall last’ or for a year and a day, after which time a more lasting commitment was made. This has always been associated with non-religious commitments and is often viewed as a pagan ritual, however the idea of including a handfasting is no longer considered exclusively in this way.

Handfasting Bindings

Each handfasting is lovingly handmade in my woodland studio. Following your theme, colours or personal preferences, your handfasting binding is created from the finest Merino and Yorkshire Dales wools takes a minimum of 15 hours to make over a moon cycle.

Your unique binding begins goes from concept, to creation to cleansing by nature, energising by the sun, moon and stars before being embellished with features styling to reflect your wishes such as butterflies, flowers, ribbons, beads, feathers, or a bit of bling! Each is then blessed and anointed with aromatic fragrances aligned with the energy of Unconditional Love and Honouring. Finally, your beautiful binding is hand-finished with Tibetan Silver love tokens.

My handmade handfasting bindings make a beautiful keepsake. They range from £55 - £125 depending on their complexity.  Primarily I make handfasting bindings for the couple who engage me as their Celebrant. However, I am happy to take commissions which include your handfasting binding created in the same loving way plus suggested words to be used during the Handfasting ceremony.

Please contact me for full details on 07974 021095 (office hours).

Please remember, handfasting is just one of the symbolic elements I offer. Please click here to see a range of symbolic services.